Working Families

As a father of two young kids, Chao fully understands the difficulties families face in this most financially stressful period of life. 

Are you saving enough for retirement? Would you like to pay for your children’s education? Are you trying to buy a house? Do you need help with budgeting or debt management? Are you properly insured? Are you paying more in taxes than you should? Do you have a good estate plan that transfers assets according to your wishes, takes care of your minor children, avoids probate expenses, and minimizes estate tax liability? Whatever your questions are, we are ready to help.

Topics We can Help You With


Track your spending, develop a budget, increase your saving

Debt Management

Credit cards, student loans, auto loans, mortgage

Retirement Planning

How much to save, when to retire, and what to invest in

Credit Score Managment

How to monitor and improve our credit score

Home Purchase

Rent vs buy, affordability, mortgage loan analysis

Funding For College

529s, financial aid, scholarships, student loans

Tax Planning

Actions you can take to minimize your taxes owed


Home, auto, umbrella, health, disability, life

Estate Planning

Wills, life lnsurance, trusts

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